Comparison of SOAP, REST and WebSocket Technologies in Java and .NET

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

With the spread of internet usage, there is a growing need for developing dis-tributed services, which separated from one another, use messages to communicate and create an application with Service Oriented Architecture. This thesis aims to study, analyze and compare three different technologies: REST, SOAP and WebSocket, which are commonly used by services.

To examine the REST, SOAP and WebSocket technologies an application has been created. This application for each technology implemented three services. Apart from this, another client application has been also designed, which job was to demonstrate the three technologies usage.

The application which realized the services was created in both Java and .NET environments. On the two different platforms the implementation differences were studied and important conclusions have been made concerning the development of the REST, SOAP and WebSocket services in Java and .NET. With the implementation of the client application, the usage of the before mentioned services were demonstrated.

After the services had been finished, they were put under tests to discover the performance differences of the REST, SOAP and WebSocket technologies. Thanks to the results of these tests the pros and contras of each technology have become clear. After the tests, conclusions were made which technology is the best suited for doing specific kinds of jobs.

Lastly a possible project idea has been discussed to demonstrate the potential usage of the finished REST, SOAP and WebSocket services. This project idea showed that the finished applications could be further developed and used in a different way.


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