Comparison of SOAP, REST and WebSocket Technologies in Java and Android

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

During my thesis work, I tried to present and compare the three technologies of my topic with a project that is not so dry, complex enough, and has some legitimacy in the higher educational world, nowadays. It provides a solution to record the requirements of the subjects taught at institutes, and gives an opportunity for students to tell their opinion.

From the design of the project to the measurements made to the completed service I present the process, analyze the steps needed to implement the technologies and evaluate the experiences. During the implementation, I tried to create a heterogeneous system of protocols that use multiple platforms, as my server-side applications run on linux operating system, while the client application runs on Android smartphone.

The complexity of the task includes the design of the client application interface, which I tried to take into account and follow the up-to-date guidelines, keeping in mind software ergonomics and the expectations of the target audience.


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