Comparison of SOAP and REST Technologies in Java and .NET

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

nowadays we want to order food, pay our bills or just check the weather online, we want to reach these functionalities from our mobile devices, our computers or our tablets, and from multiple platforms(Android, IOS, Windows, etc), and we demand the same functionalities using all devices.

web applications provide a solution to this problem and most web applications use web services to make back-end independent of the front-end, so the user only needs to use the service client to have access to all provided functionalities.

This way the user does not need to get the application with whole logic, for user it is enough to get the application providing user interface, and this way also developers should concentrate on one project at one time, on team can work on back-end, while the other team can work on front-end without being strongly coupled or having effects on each other work.

another problem can be solved by using web services is the machine to machine communication.

to implement and create web services we have various opportunities, but we mostly use REST or SOAP, in this thesis, I am going to introduce SOAP and REST, and create similar web services using both of them using JAVA and.NET, then I am going to compare them to each other and tell what have I learned.


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