Design and development of mobile solutions for SOLSUN smart city project

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The SOLSUN is a European Union project what as an extension of the concept of smart cities set itself the objective to create an intelligent city infrastructure in an environmentally friendly, cost effective and sustainable way by using the modern information and communication technologies (ICT). To achieve this, it uses a whole network of sensors planted in the street lamps which are helping to provide variety of existing and planned services. These sensors are monitoring the temperature, air pollution, traffic and energy consumption data of the continuously changing city environment.

This thesis is the presentation and documentation of improving and expanding the Android client that is part of the SOLSUN project with new features. One of these features is the general heatmap what helps visualizing the data gathered from the sensors over the map in a spectacular and informative way. The other development presented in the thesis is the creation of a new interface through which the maintenance agents can be notified of broken devices and can plan an optimized route to them. The third task which covered by the thesis is the improvement of the network communication with reactive programming elements.


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