Management and Operation of the SensorHUB IoT Platform

OData support
Dr. Lengyel László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

There is a rising need for developing and extending IT management tools to accommodate the complex Internet of Things (IoT) landscape. The IoT platforms incorporate several components and technologies, each with its own monitoring method. It is thus imperative to have a unified solution where all the coupled components can be effectively managed.

This thesis provided an opportunity to join a collaborative project between BME-AUT and NETvisor Ltd. to develop such solution. In this solution, SensorHUB, an IoT platform being developed by BME-AUT, is to be monitored by Performance Visor (PVSR), a robust IT monitoring tool developed by NETvisor. My task was to specify a standard API (Application Programming Interface) through which the SensorHUB components will be monitored, and subsequently implement this API into the PVSR tool such that the operator can view status information and receive alerts from the platform when necessary. Beyond that, a technical documentation of this solution was also developed.

During the development, I got familiar SensorHUB and its constituent components. For each component, such as the open source Apache Hadoop and VerneMQ, I overviewed the existing management options and identified the most suitable one with relevant metrics and events. PVSR provides several data collection methods from which I selected the active collector which has been implemented for the components to retrieve data via an exposed API using well designed scripts. The collected data are presented as charts and thresholds are set for violation events.

To prove the proper operation of this solution, a SensorHUB environment has been deployed at NETvisor, on which the testing and validation was carried out. Going further, this solution can easily be extended to support the continuous development of SensorHUB.


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