A Siemens PCS7-es folyamatirányító rendszere és a Comos tervezőszoftver egymásba integrálhatóságának vizsgálata és bemutatása egy szállítószalag modell segítségével

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Dr. Max Gyula
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In industrial applications the main aspect is the profit maximizing, which can be reached by increasing thrift and productivity as well as minimizing the frequency of faults. Nowdays, due to the rapid improvement of technology, development time became another important factor which decreases the products’ time to market.

Newest trends show that by mixing traditional automation tools with functional planning the parallelity of work phases has been grown, so the efficiency of the engineering process. The most important properties of the previously mentioned applications are modularity, flexibility and being an industry standard, so a customized solution can be created requiring very little energy and time investment.

Siemens AG wants to revolutionize industrial plant designing, integrating its two products, the Process Control System 7 and COMOS functional engineering software. My thesis is about introducing these two systems and their application through a robot arm control based on a Siemens PLC.


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