Demonstration of the capabilities of the Spring framework through the TeamMeUp application

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays there is a growing demand for more in-depth knowledge of the Spring Framework. Although Java EE (Enterprise Edition) also had a huge improvement recently, a framework based on it greatly facilitates the use of it. When developing an application, a considerable part of the source code doesn’t actually belong to the application logic, such as managing connections in different databases. Among other things, eliminating this problem was a good reason to create different frameworks. I worked with Spring Framework during the development of my thesis. At the beginning, it was created to eliminate the weaknesses and errors of other frameworks, but later, it has grown into a complete framework that includes the services needed by almost every web or business applications. It uses POJO (Plain Old Java Objects) objects, so the code is simple and transparent. One advantage of using it is during development we can concentrate on the business logic, and the rest is managed by the framework. It is also worth mentioning that it is open source.

In my thesis I introduce you to the Spring Framework, as well as some other technology I used. After that, I describe the steps of creating a sports event and sports co search/organizer system using the technology I mentioned before, and I added practical elements to the initial general review.


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