Implementation of the communication between the TEBA CRM and the FileNet systems using Oracle BPEL development tool

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

The objective of this thesis is to devise BPEL processes that enable the merger of ONYF TÉBA, Siebel based CRM system and FileNet online document storing sytem. This will allow a cetralized printing process as opposed to singular printing by local administrators. Checking and expanding printing options already used by TÉBA in accordance with the needs of ONYF were therefore necessary.

In the preparation phase I became familiar with the architecture already in place at Országos Nyugdíjbiztosítási Főigazgatóság Családtámogatási Főosztály (ONYF), as well as the expected processes and interfaces of the two systems to be connected. Then I studied BPEL, the main printing process and the essential SOAP and WSDL standards. I went on to identify the basis of communication - XML datastructure specified by XSD datadefinition files as well as XSL transformation operations for the conversion among –XML files.

During the development, I have created two stand alone BPEL processes, furthermore I have created the necessary WSDL, XSD and XSL files and the database connections as well.

My thesis contains a detailed description of the logic and realisation of these processes that allow two-way communication between the two systems, URL graphes showing the complex processes to provide visual support.

At the end of the thesis you will find test reports showing these processes in action covering all possible scenarios. Since we deal with sensitive information here, personal details have been changed in order to protect human rights.


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