Broaden of the test area of the Telecommunications Test Laboratory

OData support
Dr. Marosits Tamás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In telecommunications the cooperation of more than one devices of the same system is a

general requirement. Hence, the cooperation in this situation does not only mean the presence of

the physical contact, but also the satisfaction of semantic requirements. This can be illustrated by the

Jacobson model for communications saying that not only the channel is needed, but the successful

process also requires common semantics, a common language. In telecommunications this language

is called a protocol.

The Telecoms Audition Lab of the BUTE Department of Telecommunications is capable of

checking the cooperation of ISDN user end equipment, thus the conformance testing.

The goal of this paper is to provide a method for extending this capability to network

termination devices and this way to complete the conformance testing abilities of the lab.

The method is based on current standards and recommendations. The general idea of the

development process is to consider the Department’s fiscal and technological limitations and still

provide a useful solution.

The new method is extending the lab’s protocol tester’s investigation capabilities by

presenting a way to easily implement further testing modules. This is done by implementing a

reference call’s conformance test program, which means a full calling cycle from the establishment of

the call to the release of the line.

This paper presents the requirements and flow of the process, and summarizes the findings

in a standardized test report.


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