Development of new features and front-end for the TeamMeUp sportmate finder system

OData support
Kundra László János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the 21st century spreading of social networking sites is continuous using them at all parts and aspects of life. With the help of those sites we can make decisions of our life based on other people’s experiences while online contacts often turn into personal relationship in order to support each other. With the increasing role of healthy lifestyle there is an increasing need to use the advantage of social network sites to create and promote sporting events.

The idea of TeamMeUp sports mate finder poped up to support such need. The failures of the first version of the site obstructed the spread of use. Based on experiences those failures can be determined and with improvements site can be turned into a successful project.

The study presents the possibilities of introducing online payments, considers pros and cons and introduces the use of services of the selected payment partner Barion highlightingthe necessary steps of development. Furthermore it describes the needs and problems in designing the user interface of the modern websites. The study introduces the possibilities a modern front-end framework offers for completing common tasks. Then the most important details of the new interface prepared by the use of AngularJS are presented.

At last the study presents after a summary of experiences and evaluating solutions the possibilities of further improvement and future plans.


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