Examination of the Telepathy framework

OData support
Bányász Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The theme of my thesis is the examination of the Telepathy communication framework and integrating a new component which implements my own protocol. Developing an application which uses this component is also a part of my task.

In my thesis I review the architecture and operation of Telepathy and the terminology used in the framework. I present a brief description about D-Bus as the interaction between a Telepathy component and a client is based on the D-Bus inter-process communication system.

As a case study, I review the telepathy-idle, the IRC protocol backend of Telepathy. I chose this because its functionality is similar to my example application.

Demonstrating the usage of Telepathy I design an application system which consists of a chat server, a client and the Telepathy backend which uses my own protocol. I use the Qt framework for the server and client application and the telepathy-glib, the GLib language binding of Telepathy, for the backend showing the flexibility and language independency of the Telepathy framework.


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