Developing the test automation system for the Volvo EBD B2B purchasing platform

OData support
Szabó Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, the quality assurance and testing activities become an increasing part of the software development processes. As the complex software systems are getting more and more common, it also makes a great emphasis on the quality of the developed system and on its verification. Our objective is the early detection of the application errors, bugs and faults. As early as possible. Therefore, the testers get involved in the processes right at the beginning of the software development, when making the specification, and then participate in all phases of the development.

Testing of the large and complex applications is an extremely time- and resource-consuming task. Lately, recognizing the importance of testing, some new tools were published which can save significant time and money by creating and running automated tests. The continous integration based on the automated tests is now an essential component of the iterative software development.

In my thesis I review the fundamentals of testing, tasks, life-cycle models, test levels, then I outline the structure of Volvo procurement system. Introduce and analyze the available in-market, free and paid version of test tools – with particular focus on the area of test automation – and I explain the automated test environment structure of the web-based corporate procurement system regarding the results obtained. Finally, I introduce the possibilities of the automated UI testing also for mobile applications in case of the two most popular mobile operating system (Android, iOS) and demonstrate it using a free and available sample application.


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