Appliing Discriminant Analysi to prepare survey data in SPSS

OData support
Dr. Ketskeméty László
Department of Computer Science and Information Theory

The importance of gathering, analyzing data and producing information gets more and more emphasis in our everyday life. A lot of information is collected even in case of selection of a journey or purchase of a phone or a toaster. Without being exhaustive the data collection and analysis are present at such areas as technological, medical and economic sciences, finance, psychology and sociology. The collection and processing of data are important in every field.

There are a lot of methods for collecting data, for example the personal interview (at street or shopping place), telephone interview, postal questionnaire, test and observation.

Determination the strategy of data analysis, the method of the processing, is indispensable. In my thesis I present discriminant analysis and its functional application on data collected by questionnaire.


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