User Trust as a Software Quality Attribute

OData support
Sógorné Dr. Balla Katalin
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The extensive availibility of softwares and the change of the users’ habit introduce

new elements in the area of complex softwarequality. The softwares and applications

operate in clouds and linkages to enable are focus attention increased on security and

trustfulness as an emphasized quality attributes.

The software vendor businesses interested in collect and recognize information about

the users’ software running habit (usually e.g. in a social media), as well as the „considered

good”, much or less used parts of an application. The modern software elemens / services

contain more and more data collection / report functions, some of which are known by

the users, but other parts can be also hided. It is important to recognize, organize and

the examination of practical application by the national software developer and software

quality communities. The computer security, reliability and user trust are most likely to

be used also in other disciplines (e.g. human relations, sociology, psychology).

During my work I examine how others approached user trust. These results will be

compare with the existing software quality standards. I will create a framework that can

help to measure the website visitors’ perceived credibility. Finally the framework will be

expanded on suitable human sciences.


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