Acceptance and periodic tests of the equipment of the live line working

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Dr. Németh Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays the rapidly growing power systems need radical technological changes. The main object of the power system is to generate electricity in the most reliable and economical way and transport it to the consumers. Furthermore, the economic aspects of the energy supply also must be considered.

In spite of this the outages of the power system cannot be avoided (e.g. malfunctions and their repairs or the maintenance of the system or a device). Live line maintenance allows working without the interruption of the energy supply. Because of this the continuity of the supply is increasing and the economic and technical losses are decreasing.

To keep the live line workers in safe working conditions there are many safety operations. One of them is the safety measurements of each working tool and individual protective equipment. These measurements have to be performed before the first use and after that, periodically through its lifetime. In the High Voltage Laboratory in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Department of Electrical Power Engineering) these measurement are quasi everyday tasks, because of this the measuring arrangements for these measurements have to be get their final design.

In my work I am going to present the ways and the advantages of live line working, and the requirements of these measurements. Furthermore I present the measuring arrangements which were designed by me, according to the appropriate standards, their completed appearance, the results of the measurements which was available for me and the possible ways for further development.


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