Simulation study of the vapour phase soldering

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Dr. Illés Balázs György
Department of Electronics Technology

This study is aboout vapour phase soldering (VPS) technology and it’s developed model.

Soldered junctions make hard challenges because of miniaturized components and more and more complex eletronics at industrial area. This new technique gives us a solluiton for this problem. Applying this methode we can eliminate a lot of harmful effects of forced convection and infrared owen soldering. The reader of this study can get knowledge about fundamental physical processes of this tehcnology such as heat and masstransport. I discribe the advanteges and disadvanteged of this method and theory of vapour phase soldering. I give detailed information about the condensation process and the results of scientifical area too. I describe and compare vapour phase soldering machines used in industry by using area, their performance and manufacturer of this machines. I expose the most important steps of the developement of this technology from the exploration of VPS to the best two zoned vacuum sollutions.

In the second section of the thesis there is an elaborated multiphysics model of a real owen. I describe the finite volume method wich has far the best performance at simulating flowing fluids. The model investigate the effect of the heat transfer, the mass transport and the condensation of the process. During the simulation i heat HT200 type of Galden liquid for 12 minutes in a cuboid form container. This model was created in MATLAB programming language. The program contains 4 parts wich define the following funktions: declaraitons of variables (material properties, boundary conditions, inicial values, etc.); creating geometry; creating coefficient matrices and evaluating the results of the simulation; presentation of results. From the results i got during my work this model is suitable to simulate the vapour developing and heat transfering of different Galden fluids in this type of container.


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