Hypothesis testing in web application developement

OData support
Dr. Imre Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In our present days, almost every business has its own website to promote their products, but this is especially true for those businesses in the field of internet marketing, because the majority or in some cases all of their businesses transactions are happening on the internet. It is crucial for these businesses to adapt to the newest trends and continuously add new features and designs to enhance their websites.

However in the majority of these businesses these enhancements are the results of very long workflow processes, which costs the companies a great deal of money and time even though they can’t possibly know for sure whether they will have the desired return of investment or not. The lack of early feedback is becoming a more and more pressing issue in many fields of internet marketing.

Integrating statistical hypothesis testing into webdevelopment of these internet marketing businesses tries to solve this very problem. This paper reviews the mathematical basics of the subject, the role and the advantages of the hypothesis testing and with a few examples it discusses the important testing possibilities, which could radically improve the process of the webdevelopment of the businesses in the field of internet marketing.


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