Description and evaluation of the differences between current and earlier requirements of lightning protection through the design of a given building

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The aim of my thesis is to compare the Hungarian national standard for lightning protection MSZ 274 which was in effect until February 2009 and the 2nd edition of MSZ EN 62305 currently in effect, through designing the lightning protection of an optional building. The two standards differ in many aspects. The new standard currently in effect is more comprehensive and approaches the lightning protection design from a new perspective.

I am going to demonstrate the changes by preparing the lightning protection design as per both standards, then assessing and comparing the results.

Significant number of the planned investments in Hungary are reconstruction of existing stadiums. Therefore I have chosen a fictive stadium for my thesis. I have prepared the internal and external lightning protection design according to both standards. The construction of the building is special for its interior, the football field, as it is open-air. According to the old standard no additional lightning protection measures are required. Through the results of my calculations my aim is to represent whether any measures are required when designing according to the new standard in order to safeguard the people on the field. If any measures are needed, I also plan to examine whether in case of existing and reconstructed stadiums these measures have been taken.

I hope to be able to reveal issues and make recommendations based on my study in order to facilitate that all events can be managed under all-weather circumstances in case of already existing stadiums and those currently being designed, without the risk of losing human lives.


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