Design of the automation system in the koeb competition hose with Loxone Miniserver

OData support
Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

During writing my thesis i got direct sight to the steps of building planning, making concepts and considerate of interests of different branches. I got to know the working methods of other different branches and their needs toward my branch, specially to building automation and control purposes. Other these i got to know and use how to approach common sight and work in a team as a teammember.

First of all i got to know the working methods and the possibility of the connections to the previously choosen building automation system. I went through the basics of its programing software, in purpose getting a wider view on the usage of the choosen sensors and actors in the future. I have collected the buildings needs towards tot he building automation and control system and tried to show more application, then went through on the choosen method in inner depths. I’ve investigated the market statistics of the used technologies.

In the end according to the collected informations and equipments i have created the hardverconfiguration and the topology plans in order to satisfy the needs, via the usage of the Loxone building automation and control system.


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