The measurement of the biological effect of environmental and extraterrestrial UV radiation on nucleic acid containing systems

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Dr. Szabó József
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

Better understanding the effects of the UV radiation can help the development of medicine through health protection, knowing its effects on biosphere can give a better view on climate change.

Thin uracil layers on the International Space Station made by the Semmelweis University of Budapest Biophysics Research Group are based on RNA-world theory, intended to model the chance to survive of biological systems in space and planets as well (primarily on Mars).

The method is based on the fact, that the optical density of uracil film changes because of ultraviolet radiation, and this change is proportional with the dose of eradiation. This can be measured by spectrophotometer.

My main goal is to turn the mentioned experiment to an automatised equipment, and answer the upcoming scientific questions.

While after passive measurement the former method needed ground based evaluation which excluded the possibility of examining process dynamics, the new method will allow us to perform evaluation anytime.


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