Managing of centrally accepted documents at the Hungarian Pension Insurance Institute

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology


I had to develop a new registration system for the Central Administration of National Pension Insurance, with the help of the Oracle Siebel CRM system.

At the beginning of my thesis I studied the previous registration system and the processing method of the incoming documents. Then we agreed with the client about the process of the newly promoted registration process and the needed design of the web layout. My first task was to create the new view of the registration layout, where I put an enhance on the screen of the incoming packages and their documents. The main method was to connect datas to the documents. To achieve them I used various types of Applets that built up on different Business Components. I had to create a possibility to send back the whole package in case of a bad scan. I managed it as a part of the registration process. Copies can be made of all the documents as part of the package and as an ending of the registration process a new registration number can be asked for each tasks of the documents.

I also had to create a new incoming Siebel interface to accept the scanned packages that arrive from the center and county scanning offices, and so I integrated the data into the Siebel database and display them on the web layout.

Additionally I made a new outgoing Siebel interface to send the modifications of the packages to the FileNet system where they can be up to dated about the registration.


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