Comparison of hungarian DSOs' asset management strategies and methods

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Dr. Vokony István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Due to the technological advances made worldwide in recent years the electricity demands of people have increased significantly. Termination of the power-take continuity can cause more serious consequences in people's lives. To avoid this, each country distribution system operators should develope different optimal asset management methods, strategies, which will be able to help them approximately establish their distribution network’s actual status.

In Hungary, the Magyar Energetikai és Közmű-szabályozási Hivatal’s goals to improve the distribution system operators’ asset management strategies, to help them in the procession of those, and to make sure the operator can use their available amount of budget properly, in mind of the costumers long-term interests, to do their network’s optimization. As the result of its recommendations in the past years, the Hungarian distribution system operators changed their asset management methods entirely to carry out it by electrical way.

My purpose in this thesis to present these asset management methods completely, which are used by the Hungarian distribution system operators. In this way the reader can gain an insight in the distribution system operators’ complete asset management process, their softwares’ descriptions and their risk calculations.

I hope that my work will be an assistance for the reader to get to know Hungary’s electricity network and works which are needed on it.


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