The effects of power factor correction on harmonic contaminated networks

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In the last ten - fifteen years, there was a significant progress on the market of power electronics. The widespread use of the semiconductor technology resulted in the deterioration of the power quality. As the high harmonic content of the electric network have adverse effects on the electric machines such as the power factor correcting equipments, it is highly recommended to take care of these problems.

The first chapter of my thesis is a theoretical summary about the reactive power and energy, furthermore the harmonics of the electric network. I introduce their generation, and spreading, as well the effective protection against them.

In the second chapter I present the calculation of the low voltage PFCs, the ways of power factor correction, and also pay some attention to the consequences of excessive reactive energy consumption.

After the cognition of the structure and the parts of the capacitor banks, I continue with the rules of choosing Power Factor Correcting devices. Then I carry on with planning different designed and powered devices according to measurements with network analyzer. I also present a network what is so contaminated with harmonics that requires active harmonic filtering.

In the following chapter I show the effects of different designed power factor correction equipments on the same electric network. I examine the change of the harmonic currents with network analyzer when using standard, 7%, and 14% de-tuned PFC.

In the last chapter I present some of my ideas and comments regarding this topic and this work.


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