The microgrids effects for the electricity supply

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Dr. Vokony István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Due to the technological advances made worldwide in recent years the electricity demands have the most important priority in the electrical industry. Termination of the power-take continuity can cause more serious consequences. The electric power system has to adapt to the changing of the needs. But it is not optional how this will happen. The growing demand, network transformation, renewable energy use, political, economics, environmental and public opinion perspectives should be taken into account.

For this problem, microgrids may be the solution. The new type of electricity supply, what they provide can meet the ever-increasing demands. Furthermore, thanks to its design, it provides an opportunity to integrate renewable energies into the system. All in all, the concept of the microgrid offers more modern, stable and efficient power supply.

My purpose in this thesis to learn more about and present the microgrids. During this writing we can gradually become familiar with the structure and properties of the microgrids. In the remaining chapters, I use Digsilent Powerfactory to simulate the operation of a selfmade hospital microgrid model. Within these, the problems caused by the solar energy and its use will also have important role.

I hope that my work will be an assistance for the reader to get to know more about the microgrids, its operation, contruction and the opportunities, what they can provide in the future electricity system.


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