Role of reliability management in the developping process of Smart Meter Gateway

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Dr. Varjú György
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The spread of smart metering solutions is increasing in the electrical as well as other supply systems. As this concept raises new technical challenges, which must be realised interoperable, economical, and secure, the regulations and the specifications are newly developed or still under discussion. It is therefore harder to design and produce devices serving with reliable functionalities. As information technologies are deeply integrated in smart metering and smart grid the national bodies of Germany differentiate between basic meter and smart meter gateway. There are separate regulations for each respectively.

The smart meter gateway is an embedded device, which has to be available 24/7 serving as a bond in the communication chain between meters and authorised persons with the need to access the meter remotely.

So it is evident, that the high reliability of SMGw must be assured, but the way in which this aim can be achieved over 20 years is challenging. In this paper I present my work and contribution to the reliability management involved in the development process of a smart meter gateway at EFR GmbH. This includes the theoretical research as well as practical work.

The scope of this document is the explanation of the selection procedure for components, including the theoretical background as well as the proposals for practical solutions applied inside of the company. This paper serves as my bachelor’s thesis and as a document for future guidance in the EFR GmbH and Gettone (Metronic Technology Co., Ltd) companies.


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