Assessment of the current state of the 10 kV cable network supplying the city center of Pest and technical proposals eliminating the discovered deficiencies.

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Szabó László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The destribution system operators have to do a plan of network development for theirs own

operated (and in theirs operation authorization fixed) distribution system. This medium and

long term plan what has built on the technical-economical condition system - to cooperation

with the transmission system operator-, provide the continually and safe electric power


Nowadays in our state, the Budapesti Elektromos Művek (ELMŰ) Nyrt. serves out the greatest

load as a destribution system operator. For the supplying area of the central of Pest has no

any detailed, long term plan yet. As a distribution system there is only the 10 kV network.

The most busy part is the city center of Pest, where the structure of the network is still very

complicated without any concerted development action. For this reason the system’s review

and form is necessary now.

As a part of the modernisation and development plan for the city center of Pest, this thesis

main point to assessment and document the current state of the 10 kV cable network. Discovering

the system’s main deficiencies hereby to define the planning’s main directive of the

engineering design. The problem is unusual because of assessmenting a part of a connected

network defined by a located area. The investigation method was materialised by two main

aspects. To emphasize the system’s configuration and operation.


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