Comparative analysis of the technical solutions for the upgrade of the MW broadcast station "Solt".

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Horváth György
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The subject of this thesis – as it revealed from the title – the comparative analysis of the 2 MW transmitter’s upgrading project at Solt and introduction of medium wave broadcasting.

This medium wave transmitter is one of the most powerful ones in the world. It was 40 years ago that this transmitter started the radiation of Kossuth Rádió for nearly the whole Carpathian Basin without stopping for more time than a maintenance requires. Despite this vacuum tube technology is very robust and enduring it became obsolete over time and needs reconstruction. The lifetime of the power amplifier tubes are getting shorter and shorter by time and the other main reason is that the efficiency factor of the new, semiconductor based transmitters is about 20-30% better than the old ones. As I mentioned it is a 2MW transmitter, so the difference in energy consumption is huge between the two technologies.

For Antenna Hungária it is important to know that the new transmitter is good enough for replacing the currently operating one in every parameter of it. That is why I have made measurements on the old transmitter and compare it with the measurements of the new transmitter from the Factory Acceptance Test.

In addition the reader can get a comprehensive picture about the medium wave broadcasting from the features of the antennas to the transmitters’ structure.


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