Optimization and examination of selective mini-wave soldering technology

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Dr. Ruszinkó Miklós
Department of Electronics Technology

In the last few decades great developments have taken place in the production of electronic units. The developments of science and technology were driven by the demands, simplicity, cost efficiency. This progress is the effect of the development of the other fields of science and technology. New technological demands were born due to modernization of the production of electronic units and this ended up in coming out of selective wave soldering machines.

This thesis deals with this technology, and a certain machine of this kind. Nowadays widely used soldering and mounting technologies and the potential of selective wave soldering will be introduced.

I will present the operation of the machine, the conditions and features of operation. For this purpose I have constructed two test panels on which I executed test soldering, the results and the experiences of the tests will be explained detailed. Furthermore I will demonstrate the ways of how to use this machine for surface mounting application, which plays a great role in mixed mounting.

I prepared several optimized parameter tables, in which I have collected the ideal settings for different sized nozzles, and for different selective wave soldering technics.


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