The Live Question of Wind Energy Usage in Hungary. From Idea to Realization

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In my thesis I made a comprehensive study of wind power plants, which can be used by anyone and gives interesting information. As an introduction I described how the winds are formed. Then I introduced the history of equipment using wind from the first windmill of ancient times to modern wind power plants. I touched on the basis of the structure and details of the operation by a wind power station, established in the Bakony. Henceforth, I showed how the different air currents are formed, and the impact of the surface on them. I showed what equations can describe the winds, which are the formulas of calculating wind speeds in different environments, different altitudes. I detailed the amount of energy which can be extracted from wind, general possibilities and specific terms to Hungary, then I tried to demonstrate it with mostly amateur test results available on the Internet.

Subsequently I reviewed the legal and technical background of the grid connection of wind power, but I touched the island mode applications as well. I described how an electricity network looks like and the possibilities of connecting to individual levels. I wrote about the multicast option and aerodynamic requirements.

In the second part of my thesis I represented the steps form the idea of a wind park to the connection to the grid. I began with the wind measurement data and spatial planning. This was followed by the presentation of a feasibility study, cabling, routing selections, cable pits, transformer stations, and a 33/120 kV substation presentation.

Like in any investments, in the case of the construction of such plants is determining the return on investment, so I made a short overview of the economics of installing wind turbines, to the cost of distribution. Finally, I mentioned the relationship between the manufacturer and the operator on the grounds of my experiences of my internship in the operation. I described task should be done by the staff, and the modern communication infrastructure which are made up a modern wind farm.


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