Gamification possibilities for knowledge management activities of the product support on SAP Cloud platform

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

Gamification is a popular concept in motivating people nowadays. It is used mainly for motivating people for work related things, but it has several other aspects. In the field of support the concept of gamification is new, but useful. In the last few years the field of support has changed a lot, that’s why it is necessary to change methods and rules too.

Gamification is used in business, software development and even the army uses it for recruitment. In this thesis I’ve got to know knowledge management (as a concept), several knowledge management softwares, usages of gamification in different fields, softwares using gamification, and the field of support. The aim of this thesis was to design and develop an application, which is capable of motivating people (working in support) to do knowledge management activities. Reddit had a great idea of coloring pixels thus motivating people to collaborate. Reddit tested the idea with one million people and it was a huge success. This was the basic idea behind the application.

In my application the users are getting pixels, which are counted from points, given for knowledge management activities. As the user has pixels he/she can choose the color of the given pixel and can put it on a canvas. This activity is not just fun, but helps team building and collaboration of employees. This helps people to consider the bigger picture and not just one-two pixels.

Technically I designed and developed a whole software system. In the frontend I’m using SAP UI5 technology, following Fiori guidelines. Both the backend and database has been created with the help of SAP Cloud platform, so they are running in the cloud, as well as the frontend.


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