The development of the XXI century automotive industry lighting

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Dr. Kollár Ernő
Department of Electron Devices


There was a huge development on many area of lightening technic including automotive lightening. This sweeping change was mainly due to evolution of light emitting technology. In my thesis I reviewed the development of power and organic LEDs in 21st century, analized the results of earlier main objectives and mentioned some technological roadmaps.

By this thesis my main purpose was to introduce the latest applications - emphasized on innovational approach. I introduced various drive-safety systems which make driving not only more comfortable but more safe. I toke up intelligent lightcontroll systems, automatic driver assistants and future designed automotive displays. I compared the new solutions with their predecessors then I digested the disadvantages and early problems of them.

In the practical part of my thesis I designed and implemented an experiment: measuring reaction time of students and teachers in cases of using LED and P21/5W type bulb for braking simulation. With the measuring device and surrounding it was demonstrated that the LED technology has safety benefits in contrast to traditional incandescent lamp, verified that this technology has justification in automotive lightening.


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