Investigation of the effects of the lightning on high voltage networks by data management system

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering


In my thesis, I described the physical properties of lightnings, and the direct and indirect effects of lightnings onto high-voltage translational network, and onto workers, who work on the transmission line of the high-voltage translational network. I adverted on the characterization of the distance protections, which ones are responsible for the stoppage of the short circuits made by the lightnings (and made by other effects). Henceforward I introduced the ways of the datas, which ones come from substations towards SCADA database. Henceforth we will work with these datas, so the knowledge of the ways of the datas which lead to us is important. I evaded in details on the main functions of the SPECTRUM system. From among of these, the basic functions are responsible for the arriving of the datas, meanwhile the more complex functions are responsible for the processing of the datas. I analysed in greater details the Network Calculation function, which has a lot of sub-function: with these sub-functions we can investigate in very many-coloured ways the actual, and non-actual state of the high-voltage network. With the running of investigational cases on the given time, we got detailed picture of the state of the high-voltage network, and with the usage of the sub-functions (we can use most of them in optional sequence), we gained a more detailed description of the network (infracion of the limits, unallowed charging as a consequence of the drop-out of a given element, optimalizations, etc.). I evaded in details of the operations of protections as a consequence of the short circuits made by the lightnings, and this operation is difference in any class of short circuits. We will see in my thesis, that with the help of the protections, we can simulate short circuits as the indirect effect of the lightnings on the high-voltage network with appropriate accuracy. There is an another important question: the trustfulness of the main functions of the Network Calculation, which ones form the picture of the network, and estimate the values of the given state of the network. For the sake of answering this question, I described in the necessary details the algorithms which ones used by these functions, and in the end of this analysis, the answer will be well-seen. In the final chapter of my thesis I evaded another important question, what can be asked by the Reader: how can we determine the short circuit which step up on the transmission line was made by a lightning, or not? I will use the datas, which ones come from OMSZ ( National Meteorological Service), and with the help of them I will show we can answer this question with the comparison of the values, which ones come from two different sources, and describe two different occurence.


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