State of the Art Devices and Topologies of Electrical Drives

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Dr. Vajda István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Since the electro-mechanic machines were invented it has been seen a huge develop-ment in the industry. The early electric drives were able to adjust their speeds mainly by mechanical constructions. These were expensive solutions, furthermore, because of the amount of wearing parts, they needed complicated maintenance processes.

By the middle of 1900’s, the semi-conductive devices appeared, and by the second third of 1900’s they were widely spread in a wide variety of the fields of electronics. For example: audio technology, video technology, measurement technology, electric drives, etc.

On the field of the electric devices there are a lot of development, regarding to the devices and topology well. The different semiconductor devices and topologies are spe-cialized on different scope.

The goal of my thesis is to acquaint on these, and to make an own simulation environment to compare these topologies. The comparison is based on the interactions between the torque and the voltage (current) waveform and investigation of the semiconductor device warming.


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