Updating of lightning protection risk assessment

OData support
Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The risk assessment in IEC 62305 international lightning protection standard is very detailed, it requires deep analysis for every possible condition. After 8 years the standard was published, the feedbacks of the engineers show that the collection of all the data requires much time. Furthermore, in most cases these data are not available. For this reason, the engineers need to estimate the missing parameters, generally in a conservative way. Of course, the effect of these adjustments appears in the results of the risk assessment as well, which results more severe measures, as it would be necessary. To handle the problems mentioned above, we have elaborated a simplified risk assessment process.

The simplified process gives us the opportunity to be able to define the needed level of lightning protection system of a building, without using the risk assessment of the standard. This process was designed to be suitable for the international standard. My purpose with this is to make the engineer’s work easier not just in Hungary, but also internationally.


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