Investigation of the development of the standardization of ligthning protection

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The goal of my thesis is to demonstrate the third, proposed version of the risk management in protection against lightning (IEC 62305-2). This is also compared to the current edition and the differences between them are shown through calculations by virtue of both of the standards.

The basic principle of creating lightning protection has not changed in the standard, but the method of risk management has. As the second edition is only in English available in Hungary and the third version of the standard is being prepared in English, too, it is really difficult to follow the changes without any foreign language skills. In the first part of my thesis the theoretical background of the future edition and the process of risk management itself are presented and the differences to the second version are highlighted both in the theory and in the formulas.

In my thesis the detailed process of the risk management of the lightning protection is introduced and the changes are presented in practical examples. The building which I choose to do the estimation of is one of the symbols of Siófok, the Water Tower. At the end of the calculations it turns out which one of the standards is the stricter and accordingly which case requires using higher level protection measures.


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