The Impact of Hydro Power Plants in the Power Systems

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The aim of my thesis is to make a hypotenuse study that presents the opportunities of hydro electricity generation, its history, the types of single power stations, their role played in the electric energy systems.

First of all, I write about the significance of the hydroelectric power plants, I place them in the electric energy systems of our country and the world, I review their benefits and their disadvantages, their effect on the environment.

My further aim is to present the development of utilisation of the water power -, the types of water wheels and turbine. I outline the construction of the power stations, I group them according to their performance and their exploitable fall.

The aim of the next chapters is the review of electricity generation in Hungary working with hydroelectric power plants. I would like to start it with a historical overview then to present the world- famous hydraulic engineer Mosonyi Emil’s activity.

I deal with the authorisation procedure of the hydroelectric power plants in Hungary, the few provisions attached to them, the questions of fastening them into the electric energy networks, then I present the construction of the riverine hydroelectric power plants, with the help of the domestic and foreign power stations working on our two big rivers of the Danube and Tisza. I make here calculations about a hydroelectric power plant in connection with the return of the investment. The review of the storage power stations follows this with the presentation of some big establishments of the world from these types.

The next chapter is an overview of the construction of the pumped storage power plants, illustrated with some actual power stations.

In the next unit I present, with the help of an actual example, the tidal power stations that utilize the energy of seas and the oceans, then the wave power stations that in these days are existing primarily only in the form of studies and plans.

In a separate chapter I deal with the role of the hydroelectric power plants – the production of electricity by other power stations by fuel combustion emissions of greenhouse gases - in the reduction of the emission of the carbon dioxide.

Finally I try to sketch the opportunities of utilisation of the water energy in the energetics strategy of our homeland and the world.


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