Development of a Gwyddion module for the structural evaluation of AFM images

OData support
Dr. Bonyár Attila
Department of Electronics Technology

The aim of this thesis work is the implementation of a C language module and its integration to Gwyddion image processing program. The module is to be used to morphologically evaluate any AFM image. Using this module, it is possible to segmentate the loaded image file, and make changes and calculations on these individual segments. The task consisted of implementing the visual representation of the segmentation and the integrated user interface of the module where users can set the number of segments and restore the image. The final goal is going to be the calculation of the localization factor created by Dr. Attila Bonyár, which requires the implementation of some intermediate - calculation-related - algorithms like polynomial fitting, minimum search, trial function selection and squared error search. I got familiar with the theoretical background of nuclear force microscopy and image evaluation using Gwyddion, the conditions and methods to calculate localization factor, the usage of GIMP Toolkit+ in order to develop for Gwyddion. I researched the portable programs and directory structure of Gwyddion. I used a Linux environment, which I got used to during the completion of 'Thesis Work 1'.


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