Analysis and application of ASPICE system development process

OData support
Dr. Hamar János Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays electronic components serve an ever greater role in the automotive

industry. As more and more functions are handled by electronic components, these

components become increasingly complex, their development at the same time becomes

harder. To handle this complexity the system engineer role was born, this analyzes the

components on a system level. The car manufacturers, to ensure the quality of their

products, developed the ASPICE standard. This standard regulates and rates the

development processes of the automotive electronics suppliers, including the system

engineering role.

During my thesis I have analysed and exercised the system development

according to the ASPICE standard. After acquiring the background knowledge I have

prepared a component’s requirement specification and architectural design. In my paper

I describe the methods and tools used during the development, and give examples to them.

During the development process I have realized, that some steps can be

automated. With the automation the development can be simplified and speeded up.

Therefore I have written several scripts and programs amid the thesis work, most of them

extend the capabilities of IBM Rational DOORS. In my thesis I have included the

description of the development steps of these extensions.


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