ASPICE software development process intruduction

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Cognition and Introduction of ASPICE Software Developer Processes:

During the preparation of my thesis I have got knowledge about the ASPICE framework and the software tools, which are used in the car industry. With these software tools, it is possible to handle the requirements (DOORS), to create the architecture and the software design (Enterprise Architect) and to use version control (Clear Case). In the first section of my thesis I wrote some scripts, which are used to realize the bilaterally traceability between the DOORS and the Enterprise Architect. During the development of the scripts I have met with a new programming language the DXL, with which it is possible to write scripts to handle the requirements in DOORS. In the side of Enterprise Architect I have used C# programming language to implement the scripts. The data transfer between these two programs is established with XML files.

In the second section of my thesis I have dealt with the Input Handler Module, which is responsible to handle the inputs on an electronic control unit. I had to present the used software developer steps which are based on the ASPICE. These steps are developed by the process responsible. To present the appropriate steps, I created a dummy software module, because the original module is too big. In fact, I had performed these steps on the original module.


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