Evaluation of the ASP.NET Core framework

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Everybody loves to use fast and fluid websites with rich functionality and efficient usability. And developers like to put their hands on the newest technologies and dive deep in the features. Our everydays are unavoidably connected with the web which evolves rapidly to keep on track with our needs. But website’s speed often takes a back seat in this big hurry, and only the newer and newer features being developed. This process can lead to slow websites and degraded user experiences. My interest in the new ASP.NET Core and its blazing fast speed are the motivations to try out the new framework on a real web application.

I’m measuring the framework’s performance in my thesis, introducing some interesting details about making a measuring application, then getting into the details of the web application’s rewriting process, which starts with a preevaluation. I’m writing about problems that made the rewriting difficult or came up unexpectedly. Finally, I’m comparing the brand-new application’s performance to the original one throughout multiple measuring test cases and summarizing the results.

The website’s speed improved by an order of magnitude, which is a pretty nice progress compared to the old one. I could successfully reveal some subtle problems in the codebase that could have gone unnoticed during the everyday’s development which affects only the subparts of the codebase.

New problems arised from the rewriting process and developing opportunities opened up that could make the website even faster or save a great amount of work when adding new features to it.


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