Development of ASP.NET web application with multiplatform mobile client support

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Due to the widespread of the Internet, the business applications are typically based on client-server architecture, where the popularity of thin clients is the dominant. Nowdays next to the browsers running on PC-s, the spread of the smart mobile clients are growing rapidly as well, and based on their dynamic change the extensive support of these clienst consumes increasing expenses. As a result of the client-server architecture’s spread, beside the clients, the server side’s implementation and maintenance are also becoming more and more expensive. The cloud providers offer several different solutions for this problem, therefore we can easily, quickly, and cost efficiently claim geographically distributed, highly scalable IT services.

In my thesis I’m presenting the aspects of the cloud based application developement and also the architecture and principles of the cloud services. Then the Windows Azure cloud service is described in details, then as my second subject I’m presenting the cross platofrm mobile developement tools and these technological basics and a few concrete industrial solution.

Using my research’s results, I made a business application prototype, based on the client-server architecture. The prototype is a logistics application, where customers can submit orders, which the employees of the company fulfill. The progress of this, like the status of the package or the expected arrival of the deliverer, is presented to the customer, both on web and mobile interface.

I implemented the application’s server sided components in ASP.NET, which I published on the Windows Azure cloud service. I used the Phonegap developer tool for the implementation of the cross platform mobile client and the client for the devices running on Android or Windows Phone 8 operating systems are completed.


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