Investigating Performance Problems of ATC Radar

OData support
Dr. Dudás Levente
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The Radar Research Group at Budapest University of Technology and Economics has been working together with HungaroControl PLC for many years, working on various projects. Since October of 2010, four student interns are working on a new project. Their task is complex, because they volunteered for building a Wide Area Multilateration Radar system. A good teamwork is needed for the success, but every part is complicated enough to become a thesis work.

As a member of the project, my task is to develop a data handling server software that collects data from the receiver modules distributed around the country and calculates the position of the airplanes in the area.

These plots shall be stored in a database, which also acts as an interface between the server and my client software, designed for plotting the tracks.

At the beginning of my thesis work I describe radar systems generally than I show the WAMLAT systems specialties. In the discussion part I describe the software architecture, including data structures and algorithms, both at server and client side. During the development I always had to keep the following aspects in mind: The system has to be robust and fault tolerant. All the data transfers shall be encrypted.

At the final part I summarize my experiences and test results including the outreach for the future.


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