ATSC PSIP Stream Analysis

OData support
Lois László Dr.
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In my thesis I designed a software, which is capable to identify the MPEG-2 PSI

and ATSC PSIP packets, and retrieve the tables from the packets. The identification of

the MPEG-2 PSI and ATSC PSIP packets is relatively easy, but the retrieval of the

tables sections is way harder.

The main goal was to design and build the analyser component. The analyser's

main function is to find out if the timing and consistency of an ATSC PSIP stream is

correct. During the development of this software application I paid great attention to the

available measurement guidelines and testing methods.

During the development i paid great attention on the future reusability of this

application. I tried to make the continuation of the development as easy as possible for

futuer developers.

The main purpose of this document is to describe the structure and the operation

of the analyser helping the further development and using of it. I also collected

necessary knowledge from standards and guidelines which are relevant to understand

the operation of the software.


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