Development of an AUTOSAR demonstration application

OData support
Futó András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Our modern world is characterized by the continued growth and evolution. If we look around, can see that our life is not only helped but also affected by the electronic products which are used. Intelligence of these tools is growing rapidly day by day, but this increase could easily come up against barriers, if development does not take place along a due structuralism. Around the millennium, the car industry manufacturers realised that the vehicles’ electronic controller units' (ECU) complexity required to create new standards for sustainability. Thus was created the AUTOSAR standard, a layered software architecture, which was the result of collaboration of car manufacturers. Its huge advantage is, that it conceals the specifics of the hardware allowing application software portability and transparent communication between applications.

In my thesis, I implemented AUTOSAR drivers from the hardware specific layer to the Texas Instruments TM4C129 MCU family. Primarily the development was made in C language, but sometimes a had to use assembly too. The drivers were first run and tested on PC and then also on the target hardware. In addition I developed a demonstration application, which did field oriented control for a permanent magnet synchronous motor using the implemented AUTOSAR drivers.

One of the biggest opportunities of the AUTOSAR is flexibility. The appropriate computer programs are able to generate a wide variety of the configurations for modules and C source files from the values which can be set on the graphical user interface. Certainly ThyssenKrupp liked to use this method so that it belonged to my work: writing the code generation software for the existing drivers. This software development was made in Java.

In my work I gained experience in the software development satisfying the standards and in embedded development and automated testing. In addition I got insight into model-based software development and into the world of the latest developments of the automotive industry, together with control systems of modern drive chains and motion control.


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