Implementation of AUTOSAR network management modules

OData support
Dr. Sujbert László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In modern automobiles, the importance of the electronic control units (ECUs) is significantly growing. This is observable in the standard services, like control of the engine, the dashboard, and the lights, also in the comfort functions like window control, central locking, or even in safety critical systems like active suspension and power steering.

These ECUs communicates on various bus-networks. The coordinated operation of the ECUs is essential for the execution of complex functions. That is why the AUTOSAR standards created by the significant participiants of the auto industry.

The software-architect encased by the standard is modular. It was my objective, to learn the AUTOSAR standard, and implement two modules of it. The realised modules responsible for the power management of the communication buses, hence, my object is limited to this part of the standard.

Firstly, I will make an overview of the software-architects and their components, defined by the standards.

Then I expound the general architecture and functionality of the network management.

After the the detailed description of the network management I present the functionality of the network management interface modul, and the decisions of the design process.

Thereafter the CAN Network Management modul is introduced. Furthermore I define the chosen techniques assigned to this modul.

Finally I will present the testing methods of the realised moduls, and I will describe one of these in details.


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