AUTOSAR platform software porting to a new microcontroller

OData support
Oláh István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

More and more functions are realized by computer technology in vehicles nowadays. Lots of electronic control units (ECU) are used to achieve this, which communicate via several kinds of communication buses. We can handle this ever growing complexity by different automotive standards like OSEK (an operating system description) or the CAN protokol. Based on these standards automotive manufacturers created the AUTOSAR standard which defines a layered software architecture and supports the portability and transparent communication of applications.

My work includes the porting of a real time operating system to the TM4C129 platform of Texas Instruments which is different from the former hardware. I wrote the platform specific parts of the software in C and assembly and integrated my solution and the standardized platform independent code into a new operating system. Following this I successfully run the premade automated tests on the new platform. My other job was to write an AUTOSAR CAN Driver and to test it with a simple application.

During my work I got to know the target platform in detail and gained experience in embedded software development in C and assembly languages. In addition I created the software considering the standards.


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