Application of absorption current measurement on polyethylene cable insulation

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Dr. Tamus Zoltán Ádám
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The insulation is one of the most critical point in the the operational safety of electrical equipments and devices. The stucture of insulation changes during the operation and storage, and the reasons of these phenomena are: changes in chemical-, phisical-, and electrical characteristics. Among the insulation’s diagnostic methods, the measurement of the leakage current and measurement of insulation resistance have the most experience. This way, the degradation of various polymers, as insulation materials can be evaluated based on the aging’s effect.

During the first semester I looked into the most common and the most important insulation materials, which are used in the industry, then I examined with polyethylene’s structure and characteristics, and suitable aging methods for polyethylene insulation samples.

The aim of my master’s thesis is to establish such an arrangement, which is suitable for the aging of the polymer insulation samples, and furthermore to examine the samples by measurement of leakage current and measurement of insulation resistance.


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