Adaptive Player Agent

OData support
Dr. Strausz György
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays poker is a popular game both in ’real life game rooms’ and on internet sites. It has become one of the most played card game. Because of that and the complexity of the game – proper strategies, probability calculation, determining the opponent’s hand- it is a popular target of computer science, too.

At first I’m writing about the capabilities which are needed to be a good poker player, such as decision making, experience, adaptivity. I also examine that how can these abilities been aided by a computer agent. Analyzing mathematical methods, game theoretical approach, rule based expert systems and methods of adaptivity.

After the design phase, by implementing the designed methods I’m developing a poker agent, that has competitive skills, rule-based knowlegdebase, observes the opponent and adapts to its style.

At last, in the test phase, my pokerbot is tested in a chosen environment against different opponents (my own agents and build in pokerbots) to determine its strengths and weaknesses.


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