Development of adaptive cruise control strategy at highway exits

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Dr. Drexler Dániel András
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

One of the most dinamically developing area of the security and automation systems of the commercial vehicle industry is the driving assistance systems, which main sector is the adaptive crusie control that implements longitudinal regulation. During the developement of the system it became clear that the automatics may show disadvatageous attitude if the host vehicle from behind the impending vehicle turns to the highway ramp. My task is the detection of these cases and to make a proposal regarding to the further developements.

In my thesis I introduce the planning and developement of the algorithm applicable for the detection of such cases. The signs neccessary to this were ensured by the camera and the radar fixed to the forepart of the vehicle which process the - in aspect of the traffic situation- significant features of the environment before the vehicle. During the process of the planning after the examination of more rampings I decided by the lain based detection and I selected the signs determinig it.

I tested the algorithm in progress based on former vehicular measurement data. I optimalized its parameters and in case of necessity I changed its sturcture. Firstly, I run the completed algorithm on a known, then on a much bigger unknown test set and after that I evaluated the resulted outcome.

Finally, I present a few further possible ways for developement which may improve the effectiveness of the detection of the completed algorithm.


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