Application development for visualization of SAP EAM data

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis work we set a goal to implement a non-existing solution in the field of SAP-EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) which can be used for analyzing the enterprise assets. By the help of my application companies can measure and analyze their assets more efficiently based on an available transactional and analytical information within one single software.

This application provides information about the company’s registered assets. The master data of the Technical Objects and the recorded Notifications in the system are the basis of this application.

When developing a concept the most important aspects were to prepare user friendly and clean modern look and feel user interface by using the currently available most up-to-date technologies.

I sketched the concept for the user interface with definition of visual elements, charts and key performance indicators in the design phase based on a business requirements. I have investigated FIORI which is the SAP’s newest UI technology where I focused on Smart Template with its possibilities and current limitations.

SAP HANA platform was used during implementation of back-end side. Complex calculations can be performed fast on huge amount of data by the help of SAP HANA. I created CDS (Core Data Services) Views and OData service for accessing the data stored in database and for performing calculations.

I have completed a comprehensive implementation of my application from back-end to front-end side. The business background, context and the necessary development steps are described in this thesis work.


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